How to Use Mintparty to help with your NFT launch

What are giveaway campaigns? How do they help market NFT projects?
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When you're about to launch a PFP collection and you start building up a community, you might start thinking - how can I reward early supporters and make sure they get to mint when we open up? Opening up just a public sale also leads to gas wars... how do I combat this? 🤔

Well, one way a lot of projects are accomplishing this is through allow lists for early supporters (or you might've heard the term whitelisting or whitelists which are the same).

When a person gets an allow list, what happens is their wallet addresses gets uploaded onto the smart contract of the project. When they connect their wallet during the presale, they wallet is "allowed" to mint the NFT. Otherwise, most people will have to wait until public sale meaning they aren't guaranteed a mint. (Sometimes if a project has more wallet addresses collected than they have presale, they can also sell out during this time!).

Giving presale spots to community members who support you from early on is great because it allows them to feel acknowledged and recognized. 💁♀️ This also helps generate a lot of engagement on the different social media platforms and other projects through collaborations.

How do projects actually giveaway presale spots?

Lots of different ways! And this is where every project can really be creative with what they can do! 🥳

Majority of the times they fall into a these 3 categories:
  • Twitter Giveaways
  • Discord giveaways (contests, games, competitions)
  • Collaborations with other projects

And when you run a giveaway, the most important thing to collect is their Discord ID (so you can acknowledge them inside the Discord community) and wallet address (to upload onto the smart contract).

Twitter Giveaway

The most common form of campaign you'll probably see is a Twitter Giveaway which looks something like this:

In this giveaways they have 3 requirements:

  1. Follow a Twitter account
  2. Like and retweet, tag friends, and
  3. Join the discord

How most people are doing it now is often very very manual. They check everything one by one (or they don't at all!) and then DM the winners to get their wallet address! 😫

With MintParty, you'll be able to put in all those requirements into your giveaway campaign and all the user has to do is connect their Twitter, Discord and Wallet to enter into the raffle. It's that simple!

Discord Giveaways

The second form of giveaways are done inside a Discord. There are lots of events that go on to give out allow lists like games (gartic, poker, royale rumble, trivia), attending events, submitting fan-art for contests and many others!

When someone wins, they’re usually given a special role inside Discord to indicate they’ve won an allow list. What normally happens is — a special channel with disappearing messages will open up once you receive the role where you can input your wallet address.

This works….but manual to copy and paste the addresses into a spreadsheet. And at the end of the day — you won’t want to worry about looking at different spreadsheets to cross reference wallet addresses and discord IDs.

In this case, you can create a MintParty campaign for a specific role inside the discord and we’ll check to make sure they have that allowlist role before they can enter the campaign.

Instead of a raffle in this case where MintParty will pick X winners for you — you can set it so everyone that enters with that role is a “winner” if they have these requirements.

Collab Giveaways with other Projects

The last type of giveaway is a collaboration with another project.

If you’re partnering with another project, you might want to give allowlists just for members that hold that specific NFT.

MintParty makes it super easy to check if certain individuals hold certain NFTs or tokens. All you need to do is insert the contract number for the project, set how many they need to hold — and we’ll check for you.

For example, let’s say you’re giving 50 allowlists just for ZenAcademy holders. You’ll insert the contract address associated with that NFT and set this as one of the requirements.

Alternatively, if you want users to hold a minimum amount of ETH in their wallet — you can set that as a requirement as well.

Collaborations are awesome because what you’re doing is essentially supporting other projects by providing their community members early access for your project! 🤩

This is a great way to meet other founders of awesome projects and work with them to support each other. You can even take this to the next level by doing deeper partnerships with AMA’s, Twitter Spaces, games in other discords and more…. (more on this in a later post!).

What happens after?

Once you’ve finished running all these campaigns and gearing up for your presale, you’ll be able to find all the winners from all your campaigns in the “List” tab of your project.

All you’ll need to do after is download the CSV, upload it onto your smart contract — and that’s it!

So how do I sign up?

To check out MintParty, all you’ll need to do is:

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Are there other ways of giving out allowlists that we missed? What other ways are you rewarding early members?
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