One place to manage your presale list

For pre and post launch communities.
‍Collect wallet addreses, Discord and Twitter ID in one click.

Easy Setup
Autopost to Twitter
Set it and Forget it

Collect Presale Lists from members

• Collect wallets based on Discord role
• Run giveaway raffles on Twitter

Cross-collab with
other projects

• Verify owners of other projects NFTs
• Ensure they have a specific role in another project's Discord

Social media management doesn't have to be a headache.

A centralised hub for all your social media
Monitor social activity and organize all posts, reviews, and customer engagement from a single platform.
Keep your audience engaged
Deliver content that resonates with your customers. Keep track of what is working, with engagement tools.
Build better marketing strategies
Track campaign performance across all social media with detailed reports. Gain a clear picture of what’s working, and what isn't.

Streamline giveaways for pre and post-launch communities

No more individual DMs 💬
No need to manually msg each person to collect User IDs and wallet addresses
Save hours checking requirements ⏳
Choose what parameters you need to enter and automatically check if it's completed
Schedule your Giveaways 🎉
Never forget to start or end a giveaway. Have them run on autopilot!
Auto-post & Autotag winners 🎁
Run giveaways with other projects and collabs and track each member that comes through
One dashboard for everything 💎
Have one source of truth from all your campaigns in one. No more going between different CSVs

Easy 2 step process

1. Setup Campaign
Open up a new project, customize your requirements and share
2. Download list
Once the campaign ends, download the CSV and that's it!

Used by communities
and builders ❤️

Check out our Use Cases page to see how projects are using MintParty! 🎉


All Communities
For prelaunch and postlaunch communities
running giveaways and collabs
Unlimited Campaigns
Twitter Verification
Discord Verification (server and role)
Wallet Verification
Auto-pick winners for Raffles
Schedule Giveaways
Auto-post to Twitter
Auto-tag winners on Twitter
For projects that run continuous campaigns
Everything in Free
Unlimited Campaigns
Shared access with team
For Small Businesses
3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
For Marketing Teams
3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
5 Competitors per profile
For Agencies
3  Social profiles
12 Team members
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile
5 Competitors per profile
Hashtags per profile


If there's a question you want to ask that's not here, please DM us on Twitter!
Is MintParty safe? Why do I need to connect my accounts?

Yes, MintParty is safe! The reason you need to connect your accounts with MintParty is to enable us to verify you meet the requirements of each presale you sign up for. MintParty will never post on Twitter or Discord without your express permission, and we will never make any transactions on your behalf.

When you connect your wallet, we only ask you to sign a message - which is a safe way to prove you own the wallet without giving permission to make transactions.

Is this like Premint?

Haha, you can tell we get asked this alot since we have it in our FAQ 😬.
There is definitely similar functionality since the problem we're both solving is helping with allowlists. However, MintParty's mission is to make Web3 communities easier to run. And of course, one of the most frustrating parts of that was collecting allowlists, so we started with this as our first feature.

After this, we'll be continuing building out more tools to help community builders in the Web3 space. What might those be you ask? If you're interested in helping us out - feel free to email us @ [email protected]! 😊 You can also read more on our mission here!

What counts as a campaign?

A campaign in MintParty is a single set of giveaway requirements you're running. If you're running a Twitter giveaway, a collab giveaway and a Discord giveaway - that's 3 different campaigns with different requirements you're setting up for each.

Does MintParty work for projects in Solana, Polygon, and other chains?

YES! Ethereum, Solana, and Polygon are all supported. Stay tuned for other chains!

I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

We'd love to help. Email us at [email protected] or DM us on Twitter at @MintPartyXYZ

Streamline your workflow so you can continue building your community

Let us help save you time and energy so you can continue the important stuff