Used by many different types of communities 🤝

From pre-launch to post-launch communities and alpha groups - here are some of the ways communities are using MintParty.

Collecting Presale Lists

The Plague used MintParty to run giveaways on their Twitter account to verify requirement details and automatically collect a CSV with all the wallet addresses, Discord and Twitter IDs on the backend.

Using our Final List feature, winners from multiple campaigns can all be exported into one CSV so no more copy and pasting between excel sheets!

Collab Giveaways

Dream Protocols runs a lot of giveaways on a weekly basis with their partner projects through Twitter and Discord.

Without having to leave the MintParty Dashboard, they're able to schedule campaigns to start and end at specific times, have auto-generated tweets that tweet out on the account's behalf, upload photos to go along with the tweet, pick winners when it ends, and even tags them automatically on Twitter!

Rewarding Holders

Beatport SynthHeads needed to raffle off 30 airdrops for holders of their SynthHeads NFT!

They were able to easily verify holders of the NFT, pick 30 winners from all the entries, and also have their wallets in a handy CSV that they can use for the airdrop!

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